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Ping He, M.D., Ph.D.


Post-Doctoral Associate




Dr. He obtained his Ph.D. degree at the Chinese Academy of Medical Science (CAMS) and the Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) in China. His study focused on translational cancer research, including: 1) Discovery of novel biomarkers from blood or secretome in esophageal and pancreatic cancer by means of proteomic strategy; 2) In-depth exploration of the biomarker candidates (e.g. Annexin I and Tenascin-C) malignant roles in the development of cancer; 3) investigation of autoantibodies in pancreatic cancer patients’ sera on the basis of secretome dataset; 4) study of apoptotic phenotype of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in GI cancer patients’ peripheral blood to explore CTCs’ clinical implication in monitoring therapeutic effects, predicting prognosis and directing personalized treatment. Dr. He received his M.D. degree at Dalian Medical University in China where his major was in clinical medicine.

Currently, Dr. He is working with the lab to identify new inherited genetic diseases in the CDG spectrum, including the first known "congenital disorder of deglycosylation," an N-glycanase 1 deficiency derived from a mutation that makes the patient’s cells fail to produce any detectable NGLY1. Recently, in collaboration with Dr. Murat Gunel from Yale University, Dr. He located another NGLY-1 deficiency case. With the dermal fibroblasts obtained from these two patients, the lab is working on the characterization of the diseased cells in condition of ER stress. For therapeutics, restoration of NGLY-1 expression, modifying UPR or autophagy, and small compound screening are in our list of efforts.

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